Sustainability Planning, Port of Los Angeles (Los Angeles, CA)

Pika Environmental staff facilitated the formation of an executive committee to determine the scope and structure of the sustainability planning effort, helping POLA reach consensus on elements of its sustainability program, and evaluating existing programs with respect to those elements. Responding to a mayoral directive, Pika staff compiled an annual report that showcases the many sustainability activities POLA has accomplished over the last year. The next phase involved analyzing gaps in current programs in regard to both the mandates under the mayor's directive and POLA's own program goals, and developing a plan to close the gaps, attain goals, set priorities, and establish an implementation schedule.

Sustainability Planning and Assessment, Port of Everett

Pika Environmental staff assisted port staff in evaluating the progress its sustainability program has achieved in several areas: clean fuels, electrification of cargo handling equipment, reduction in diesel emissions and increase in fuel efficiency. These data were then utilized to inform the governing board and the local community regarding the port's progress in these areas.


Sustainability Program Recommendations, Delaware Regional Port Authority

As part of the sustainability program that the port has undertaken, Pika Environmental staff developed recommended joint sustainability initiatives that could be undertaken by regional port and transportation authorities to further their sustainability goals. These recommendations included co-funding energy efficiency programs, Clean Air Action Plan, deconstruction waste recycling program, dredged materials management program and joint green procurement programs. These recommendations were highlighted in a highly stylized "journey to green" report for agency and public consumption purposes.

Green Port Sustainability Design Review, Pier A-West Construction Management,
Port of Long Beach

Pika Environmental staff provided construction management support to the Port of Long Beach in its cleanup of aging infrastructure at Pier A West. To conduct those support activities in a manner consistent with the port's green port policy, a "green port coordinator" position was added to the project team. Green constructability elements were incorporated into the specifications and both noise and dust monitoring networks are being developed to provide "real time" documentation that the public health impacts from this construction activity will be minimal.