Multi-media Environmental Assessment Programs, Major Chemical Plant, Carson, CA

Pika Environmental staff was instrumental in visualizing and characterizing air emissions, both criteria and toxic, of a major sulfuric acid plant that supports refineries in the South Coast Air Basin. Pika staff performed site visits to understand the basic processes within the plant, and then produced environmental process flow diagrams that illustrated the interrelationships among equipment lines. These diagrams, and the calculations of emissions associated with each source, were utilized as the basis of the initial CAA Title V permit application for the facility. Pika staff also supported the facility in reviewing the preliminary TV permit conditions, supporting the facility in regulatory negotiations regarding sulfur emissions and in preparing SPCC plan updates.

Environmental Compliance Support, Fertilizer Plant, City of Vernon

Pika Environmental staff was initially tasked with evaluating this family-owned fertilizer plant following an acquisition by a national firm. Pika transferred the existing permits to the new company and evaluated the facility's compliance with environmental regulations and permit conditions. Pika then developed environmental programs to both assist the facility in achieving compliance with applicable requirements and maintaining that compliance status long term. These programs included air quality, stormwater, hazardous material and waste management. Pika also conducted a preliminary review of what it would take to make the facility ISO 14000 compliant.

Comprehensive Air Quality Compliance Initiative, Department of the Army, Fort Lewis, WA

Fort Lewis is a microcosm of multiple manufacturing and energy production facilities. As a result, the environmental compliance requirements, particularly in air quality, are complex and onerous. Pika Environmental staff not only developed a detailed analysis of Title V permit requirements for the installation, but was subsequently tasked with developing implementation programs so that compliance with applicable requirements could be easily and efficiently demonstrated. Pika Environmental staff also provided in-depth field support on multi-year emission inventories for their remote training facilities in Yakima.

Long-term Compliance and Facility Expansion support, International Glass Manufacturer, Sylmar, CA

Pika Environmental staff was requested to assist the management staff in initiating an environmental management program that allowed them to meet compliance obligations without hysterics or surprises. Our approach was to evaluate their operations with respect to both environmental and health and safety aspects and recommend improvements. After six months, all major environmental compliance programs were in place. Following this support, Pika Environmental provided outsourcing staff to provide ongoing assistance in developing quarterly air emissions estimates, SARA Title III submissions, annual SWPPP audits and reporting. Pika Environmental staff also supported the manufacturing facility in anticipating new regulatory requirements, evaluating chemical process changes that would promote sustainability and save money, obtaining rule changes for processes that were unable to practicably comply with regulations, negotiating with regulators on expansion plans for the facility, and evaluating the "permit-ability" of new process lines with respect to local regulatory requirements.

Transitional Environmental Support, Cleaning Supply Manufacturing Facility, Compton, CA

Pika Environmental Staff was hired to implement recommendations of a post-acquisition audit of this facility. Unfortunately, the existing environmental staff did not realize that the geographic relocation of a facility would trigger a new set of permits and attendant permit conditions. Consequently, most of the permits at this facility were not valid. Pika Environmental staff immediately met with applicable regulatory agencies to explain the situation and advocate leniency, which was granted. Pika Environmental staff then created templates for all major requisite environmental compliance programs, including wastewater, air quality, stormwater, and hazardous material/waste management. The new owner of the facility was so impressed by the Pika staff's grasp of environmental requirements, as well as their ability to obtain the cooperation of regulators, that it enlisted their support at multiple facilities on the east coast and the mid-west.